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We offer security services to maintain safety and order in all establishments. In fact, we do regular site inspections to ensure that all our security guards are alert and are able to consistently perform their jobs well. More than this, we also ensure that all our security guards have been briefed to enforce existing company policies that our clients may have. To name a few, some of the standard safety measures that our security guards are instructed to do are the following:

  • Thorough body frisking
  • Thorough inspection of bags
  • Inspection of all items and/or merchandise
  • Prior to duty hours, our detachment Commander/OIC is instructed by the management to remind the guards of their responsibilities and to be courteous and respectful at all times
  • Strict implementation of the NO ID, NO ENTRY policy
  • Traffic/Parking Guards and Roving Guards are tasked to report any suspicious persons/vehicles within visual contact


All our security guards are instructed to undergo the mandated training requirements before actual posting. The training course covers the whole arena of security services, such as understanding the general order, the Code of Ethics, and the Code of Conduct, which we believe are essential to perform to their maximum required efficiency.


We conduct orientations for our clients to ensure that the Building Owner, Occupants, and Employees are well-informed about topics regarding BOMB THREAT EXPLOSION, EARTHQUAKE, TYPHOON, FIRE PREVENTION, and ROBBERY.

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